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Courses that use Theory Practice Learning to take traditional classroom-based education out into the world are marked with the TPL symbol in the course atlas. A Theory Practice Learning course could involve any of the following:

  • internships
  • community service
  • field trips and site visits
  • action research
  • laboratory work
  • conflict resolution through the arts
  • tutoring
  • and more!
To learn more about Theory Practice Learning at Emory, visit our home, or pick up a “Classrooms to Communities” brochure in the Emory College Center for Teaching and Curriculum in the Arlyn Worth Building.















"The things we are reading in the books are not adequate to describe the reality. For example, just yesterday in the course on "Blacks and Jews" we have a whole chapter in the book called "Black Zion," on a particular group of black Jews in Atlanta. But when the students actually went to that community, they came back saying, that chapter did not prepare me for what I experienced...what I experienced was so much more complex. That is the exhilaration- people really are actively learning and not just digesting something cognitively, intellectually. They are experiencing the way real people act and they will remember that."

- Theophus (Thee) Smith - Associate Professor of Religion

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